What is more challenging? Work or SAHM?


I went back to my old house today and rummage through my old stuffs. Found some of my old office memos, salary slips, promotion letters and all the office politicking and bitching stuffs. Then, I opened up my wardrobe and boy…. my office wears! All the 3 piece suits, all the boutique wears, panty-hose I bought by the dozens, expensive make-up and perfume (all expired, of course), briefcase, high heels…. (note : I was an Executive Secretary, mind you spelt with a capital E and S or rather a sexy-turkey).

*sigh* where have my years gone? It has been 6 years…. Full time mother. Period. No salary, no fancy clothes, no promotion letters, no testimonials…. But, life has been blissful. I have my kids from morning till night. They have me, someone to wait for them with hot meals upon returning home from school, a mommy to cuddle if they had a bad day at school/kindergarten, a mommy who will listen with all ears and full expression to their school tales and a mom to pamper them when they got the flu.

So, I look again at all my old stuffs and can tell them ‘goodbye, I don’t need all of you, my sons happy faces are enough reward!’.

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  1. Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.
    Henry Van Dyke

    Great Blog
    After 1 year someone from KL pass by this post as salute this wonderful women from Penang

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