Techie Kids

My kids are those who think they are smarter than mommy, know better than mommy and hate it when I meddle with their computer. We have two computers at home, one for me and one for them. Of course, theirs is a much better, bigger, newer and more expensive model. (that also reflects whom papa favour more, don’t you think?)

I am paranoid when it comes to broadband because I can imagine the kind of junks that can flow in to our computers, unseen. And these viruses, trojan horses, worms and blahs are like the kind of germs that cause us to get the flu, loose bowels etc. Unseen and yet, lethal.

But hey, they refused to let me instal virus protection for them because they claimed it slowed down their games. OK, mommy will nag and nag about the dangers. I suppose they are immune to mommy’s nags. Wash your hands, trim your nails, wash behind your ears, change your underwears…nag, nag, nag, check your computer for viruses, scan for spyware, defragment your drive…nag, nag, nag. Do they listen? Nope.

Great! Their computer kaput-ed, after less than one month of broadband because the viruses or whatever had stopped the computer from surfing the net. So, it has to go back to the shop to get configured again. So, my kids are now having withdrawal symptoms, whining about being bored, got nothing to do, no books to read, exam over, no good show on TV, no new DVD…. And me? I am laughing at them with glee, rub it in to them – I told you so… nye, nye, nye, nye… Padan muka!

I suppose like most lessons in life, one has to fall before one learns their lesson. Now when the computer is back, I know my kids are going to look up to mommy, a milimetre higher, probably. Mommy is sooo cooool, she knows lots about computers!

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  1. Nowadays, kids learn about sex from the internet. Those days we read ‘smuggled’ playboys and penthouse.

    My niece cant pass a day without surfing the net. …………. So am I.

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