Love bites

Something I made for my #1 son.

I am either a very loving mom or I am a very nutty mom. It is one of those days when hubby is not eating at home. So I am at the mercy of my kids. If it is a family meal, then everyone is expected to eat what is laid on the table. But when the man of the house is not taking dinner at home, then I will be waitressing. Son #1 wants fried rice with spicy dried prawns. Son #2 wants a ham and cheese omellete. And if I think I can just get son #3 to eat what #2 is eating, then I am safe. But no… he hates cheese and ham and he wants scrambled eggs. Then, what about son #4 who is only a toddler? Should I serve him eggs and bread? Nope, he got China-man tummy and doesn’t fancy western style food. So, I have to find some rice for him. But son #1 fried rice is not suitable for him. Which means I have to fry rice for a toddler. There I was, in the kitchen, toiling over eggs and rice, cooking four separate meals.

Of course, I do not mind doing all the above, washing the frying pan again and again, sweating over the stove, making mundane meals because as long as my kids are fed, I am real happy. But ha ha ha, hubby said he needed something to eat before his dinner with his expat colleagues. Yah, yah, he is eating lobster and sharksfin and I am home waiting for leftovers of cold, mashed up, half-eaten eggs and probably spitted fried rice from the toddler. So, would I be asking “Dear…. what do you want to eat? Fried or scrambled, spicy or non-spicy, with meat or without? bla bla.” No way… I just pop in the microwave – a plate of rice, some dishes from leftover from lunch and splattered, eat! That’s it. The man who brings back the bacon has no ‘authority’ to order his meals. But my four princes will get to make a waitress, kitchen helper, cook out of me. All in the name of love.