Homemade cakes, toffee and BOMB?


The reason I have so many kids is because no two kids are the same. Each of them have their own individual character. Though they look the same, I cannot get tired of churning out one son after another because each of them drives me up the wall because of different things. So life is very interesting.

#2 is 12 years old, a timid and quiet guy who can sit through 2 hours of boring documentaries like China history, Egyptian mummies, WWII, more WWII and Pearl Harbour (the boring documentary, not the movie) and stuffs that made me zzzz within 15 mins. He can assembled those miniscule models that cost a bomb (one box cost RM400), paint them with 20 mini size tins of paint that also cost a bomb (RM8/tin). (but if I want to buy a bottle of nail polish that cost RM5, the father will say -what? so expensive?)

Now, with the evil, bad broadband internet, he is into searching for ‘how to make muffins’. (thank goodness, only breakfast muffin recipes turn up) As a mama who encourages her children to explore, I do not mind going to the kitchen and dish up some muffins with him. Next, he get adventurous and search ‘how to make toffee’. Also can, we went to Cold Storage and bought damn expensive stuffs like molasses, gylcerin (blech) and things that cost me at least RM30 to make a blob of ugly looking toffee that no one likes to eat. The sweat-flavoured sweets then sticks to my wall, kitchen top and floor. (to make toffee, you need to pull the warm mixture, so it is sweat flavoured lor)

Still can tahan. But even under my watchful eyes, he managed to surf at things very ‘heart-attacking’. How to make fireworks! Wah… this is getting hot oredi. He had bugged me to find potassium nitrate and sulphur for him since last week. He got all the measurement right to the milligram. Which chemical mixed with what, get which colour. After one week of deaf ears from me, he turned to the next project. How to make smoke BOMBS! This time, he bugged his father pulak. So, off they went to get Epson Salt (dunno for gastric or constipation or whatever lar) from Guardian and had been cooking Epson Salt and sugar.

One of his good points is his patience. He had made 3 batches of the stuff, using different stoves, different ratio of salt and sugar and he is still not giving up. His mission – to make smoke bombs that can drive the Bomba to our apartment unit. Like I expected, the project of making smoke bombs, bombed. All failures. Only smell of caramel sugar emits from the house, no smoke, no fire.

But… I suppose his next search will be ‘how to make nuclear bomb’. So, if you find the newspapers headline with ‘Penang island mysteriously disappeared overnight’, you know that my son has finally succeeded cooking in my kitchen. I am writing this at 1.30 am in the morning because the possibility of bringing up a future terrorist keeps me awake.