Of durians and onde-onde

It is Deepavali today. When it is holiday time, all we can think of are swimming and food. Took the kids to the wet market in Batu Lancang and everyone has a good time. The toddler is so excited to see so many ‘eak’ (egg) in one spot. Brown, white, black, spotty, big and small. #2 is thrilled to find freshly made ‘thnee kueh’ (the kuih bakul). Never knew that we can find this Chinese New Year delicacy all year round. Got some fresh grated coconut, santan/coconut milk/durians and we decided to make durian rice with santan and brown sugar. Picture above.

The weather is too hot for any outdoor activities so decided to try making ondeh-ondeh. It is really easy and yummy. And most of all, #3 enjoyed filling and shaping the dough. That’s why you can see the brown sugar dripping out from the below picture.

Recipe for ondeh-ondeh
10 pandan leaves – use a little water and blend it/sieve
200 gms glutinuous rice flour
1 tablespoon of cornflour
Pinch of salt
1/2 mug boiling water

Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Pour hot water and the pandan leaves juice. Use the water sparingly, adding bit by bit. Knead to the right consistency. If too wet, use more flour. If too dry, put more water.

Chopped half gula melaka and add a little white sugar (not sure why the sugar is needed though)

Take a small portion of dough, the size of a fish ball. Flatten, fill with gula melaka and seal it.

Boil a huge pot of boiling water, put in the ondeh-ondeh. Let it boil till all the balls float. Leave another 2-3 minutes when floated. Scoop out.

Put into grated white coconut. (50 sen of grated coconut mix with a pinch of salt. This coconut is the one that is without the brown parts.)

Excuse me, back to eating…….

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