Best things in life are free

Never trust advertisements. That’s the moral of the story. We went to the Tambun water park in Ipoh. The advert says it is the biggest (something) in South-East Asia. It turns out to be just another water park, just 1/3 of Sunway Lagoon in terms of size and 1/10 in terms of excitement. The only thing it has that others don’t is the natural hot water spring. But how fun can it be to soak in a tub of hot water, things you can do at home if you have a hot tub.

But we are not a family of whiny pots. We do not mind travelling the few hundred kilometres from Penang to Ipoh because there are lots of adventure to thrill the kids. We took the old, trunk road from Cangkat Jering, stopping by several rambutans, manggis and durians stalls. The kids had a swell time running into people’s kampung. Finding a lone duck in the bushes is fun for them.

Then, on the way back, we went to the night zoo in Taiping. Just another fluke. But it was a rainy night and it is not often the kids get to walk in the rain. So, the best enjoyment is those money can’t buy. Rain drops and kampung life.