Hear me roar

She has only one leg. She moves around in a wheelchair and crutches too. She even hop on one leg, a few steps to get from place to place. She has the happiest look on her face. She frolicked in the water, playing with her son. A cute little boy of about 2-3 years old. He squeals and screams with delight. She cuddles and hugs him. They were such a lovely family. Her husband is by her side when she needs to get on the wheelchair. A handsome looking man. They enjoyed their time at the water park. Looking at how she cared for her son, I felt so overwhelmed. Here is a woman with one leg. Enjoying life. Here I am, a woman with two legs, worrying if cellulites get magnified in the bright sunshine. Worrying of getting sunburn, pigmentation and therefore, hiding in the shades with my toddler. I should be so ashamed. I suppose many of us should feel ashamed too. We often cry and whine over unnecessary things like a few pounds overweight, bad hair day, bad skin, sagging breasts, flabby tummies…..we complain about just anything. We curse and we rant. When I see her, I realised something. I exist not to please others. I am not an eye candy for others. I exist for the sake of my children. My children do not care if I have no legs to harbour cellulite. My children do not care if I am bald. My children do not care if my breasts which had provided them mommy’s milk sag to the floor. Heck, they don’t care. What they care is how I feel about myself. If I feel great, I generate greatness that rub on to them. They feel love when I love myself. They feel happiness when I am happy. So, I hope after meeting her, I will learn to love myself more. I will stand up and roar! Like a tiger.