Bed partners

More on bedtime stories.

I had been sleeping together with my mom, probably from birth till I am 21 years old. I would have continued sleeping with her had I not turned rebellious and decided to move out on my own at 21 years old. It is such a natural thing to do. That mothers sleep with their children until an age when they have grown too big for the same bed or they had procreated too many kids to fit into the same room.

What’s the big deal about sleeping with babies? Yet, we can see shelves of books on teaching parents how to handle the sleep separation. You can see all these glossy books written by the ‘experts’ teaching parents how to let their kids and even babies to sleep in their own room. Let them cry, let them whine. Leave them lil ones alone to get used to the routine. Harden your hearts, deafen your ears. What kind of theory is this?

What’s so sinful about allowing our lil ones to sleep in the same bed and when they are bigger, in a seperate cot in the same room? A lot of parents will probably say “I can’t sleep with another person in the same room” Hey, how come you can sleep with an adult size man who probably snores but you can’t sleep with that little bundle of soft hair, sweet smell, velvety skin, cute little face person whom you procreate? That little one needs the security that you are nearby to sooth those frights. That little one needs the assurance that mommy and daddy love him enough to bear with all the minor inconveniences. I can bet that these women or men who claimed that they cannot have a peaceful night of sleep if put in the same room with their own children will ****warning, suggestive languague coming up ****** have a good f*ck with a one-night lover/colleague/someone’s else wife/husband/SYT/toy-boy/whatever and can easily snooze in dreamland in some sleazy motel. Yeah, I can bet on that. They cannot sleep with their own kids but I am sure they can sleep with some strangers when desires get the better of them. Ooops, I am not implying that parents who do not sleep with their babies are adulterers. I am just making comparison, ok? Don’t anyone get agitated, ok?

So, it does get rather tiring when I have to listen to people discussing how to put their small child of less than two or three years old in another room. It is just so selfish. Wanting a conducive environment to berasmara (romancing) is not an excuse. Wanting to teach their baby to be independent is also not a good reason. Wanting to ape the west is a monkey act. And putting their precious child to sleep with their maid is even more scandalous! Goodness sake, sleep with your baby. Sleep with them until the day when they start complaining that your snores are keeping him awake.