My Hokkien speaking toddler

One of the favourite sentence both my hubby and I throw around like a ball is ‘You and your rotten egg/gene’. We will mutter this each time our little 21 mths old toddler got into trouble. That’s the only way we can justify the endless mischief he got himself into. I will say something like “yalor, same surname, same face like you mah, so he got your bad gene lor”. Then, hubby will retorts “I give good genes lar, only your egg rotten lor” Don’t get me wrong. While we grumbled and ngam-ngam-cham-cham, our hearts swell with pride.

Today, he is into turning over waste paper baskets and use it as stool. Or throwing remote controls into the tong sampah. Tong sampah already placed on top of TV cabinet but still it is not toddler-proof. He climbed up to the manchester table (mantelpiece), grabbed his papa’s precious working spectacles and was envying himself in the mirror quietly. The moment he knows that I notice him and was coming, he flatten his face and body on the wall, like an insect splattered against the windscreen or Spiderman landed flat on a glass wall like that. Then, he shuts his eyes. It is so funny ‘cos he thinks – if I don’t see mommy, probably she also won’t see me. *sigh* Good theory comes from great mind.

Another antic of his is grabbing his papa’s favourite spot on the sofa. He will probably be playing around but the moment he sees his father about to sit down on the sofa, he will run and grab the seat. Then, grin and extend his legs to show that he is the king of the nest. And yes…(shhhh) suddenly pull his papa’s boxer shorts down!

It is hard to have a ‘normal’ toddler when he is so bonded with his 3 big brothers. He mimics and apes the big brothers and this is certainly not very socially acceptable. He may shout ‘oi…..pah chi liap lok khi’ (oi.. give you one slap – in Hokkien) or ‘chey…’ and ‘tsk’. And when he is in a playful mood, he will give very hard punch right on the eye socket. I never intend to bring up a toddler who speaks Hokkien, cursing like a teenager and box like the PS2 games superheroes. But what to do? Damage is done and I am so proud of him leh. Of course, he knows please and thank you too. Like when he sees his brother with some M&M, he will go ‘piss’ and extend his hands, looking so tweet. Who can deny a cunning little guy like that?