12 yrs old whiskey & 12 yrs old monkey

My side of the family has it’s very first marriage, that of my eldest sis’s daughter. As with all Chinese wedding, it has the usual curry_ok, booze, yam3seng3 (echo lar) and all the blahs that come with typical Chinese weddings. I trusted my 12 yrs old and 8 yrs old son to behave themselves with their cousins, a 10 yrs old boy and my eldest nephew, a doctor, mind you. (I will tell you why I have to emphasise the doc there.) So, big bro of the bride was moving around with the family to yam seng at every table, holding a bottle of Chivas Regal, the 12 yrs old whiskey. My two monkeys trailed along to lend their loud voice to the yam seng. Mana tau, the big cousin gave my ever inquisitive, ever curious, ever adventurous 12 yrs old kid a few dribble of the 12 years old whiskey. The two 12 years old hit off immediately!

And I ended up with a 12 years old who laughed uncontrollably like a hyena! Gosh, I knew something is not right when this normally solemn, shy kid of mine suddenly have so much things to laugh and talk about after returning from the yamseng rounds. Meanwhile, my #3 who was bored got hold of the head of the fried chicken (from one of the dish), poked a chopstick to the neck part, stuff some confetti on the beak and made a voodoo chicken head to amuse the equally bored crowd.

Photo of some of the kids (not all are mine) with the chicken head confetti.

Most of my nieces and nephews are of the marrying age so I have to keep reminding myself that 12 years old whiskey and 12 years old kid make a lethal partner.
And if my 12 years old is never ever smart enough to be a doctor, I can blame it on the brain cells that had been damaged by the 12 years old whiskey.

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