Fear Factor

I hate and love cable TV at the same time. Sometimes, the shows made me so disgusted I threatened my kids that I am going to unsubscribe if they don’t change channels. But those kids threatened me back that I am going to be without my HK series, no two continuous hours from 8.30pm-10.30pm, Mon-Fri to escape the real world and live in Honkie fairytale land.

My home channel is without those sexy, slutty singing channel. (yeah, yeah, throw rotten eggs this way, curse me) So, I do not have to worry too much about my sons being too obssessed with breasts and butts before they even know what they are for, except breast is to provide milk and butt is a cushion to sit on. Or getting tortured with music like Linkin Park, Metallica and all those dreadful looking people with white faces, dark rings around their eyes, tongues longer than biawak, anorexic etc etc.

What I am venting is Fear Factor. I hate them soooooo much. In fact, I think the world is coming to a sickening end. How could our ever so strict Govt. allow this stupid show? And at one point, even goody miss Siti also advertised it on TV! It is now on our national TV. Swimming in pig’s blood (promoting violence?), eating maggots filled food (no self respect), dunking themselves in rotting animals (no stand, sell your soul to money) and other gross acts for some money. Yes, I could switch off the TV, don’t allow my own precious brood to watch and stay way up high in our protective tower. Bring up my sons without TV, cannot watch violent movie, cannot watch kissy-kissy parts, cannot watch horror movies etc etc. But my approach is to let my kids immerse in everyday things so that they don’t grow up to be nerds. I cannot shield them permanently so I might as well give them some exposures from young, with me nagging in the background, pointing out to them what is right and what is not so right.

And yet, it is so wrong for our Malaysian kids to watch Fear Factor and all those ‘for money sake, nothing else matters’ kinda show. Some of us maybe able to guide our kids, tell them right from wrong. But how many of us amongst the 22 millions raykat Malaysia can do that? So, million of kids are still going to be exposed to this very sickening state of affairs and grow up with an equally sickening mind. What has happened to our Government’s judgement? Now that they have changed the big boss in charge of entertainment, I hope to see some improvement soon. I hate censorship but I also hate it when there is a lack of it on national TV.

I am writing this while screaming to my kids to change channel or else…. I am listening to people puking after eating some iccky rotten intestines. Excuse me, I think I am going to throw a brick at the TV.