What makes The Incredibles, incredible?

Photo taken from The Incredibles official site.

When you have 4 kids, two of whom are considered adults, going to the movies is a luxury and rarity. Firstly, our beloved Malaysia has much to offer (you know what I mean?) so not every movie is worth the trip. And my calculative accountant trained husband will tell me that we can do it for a fraction of the price at home, in the comfort of our own sofa.

But, it is the school holidays, we have nothing much to do in KL and so we packed the kids to the theatre in GSC Midvalley. The 21 mths old toddler made his first trip to the theatre to watch ‘men-men’ (all superheroes are men-men to him, as in Spiderman). After the initial frights of the extremely loud sound effect, he blends in.

The Incredibles captured his attention and of course, mine too. I will not go into details about the usual movie review. But what I found in the movie are probably unnoticed by others. Such as :

1) Helen Parr, the mom who used to be elasticgirl is concious of her big butts (yeah! Just like me)
2) Dash and Violet, the son and daugther fight like my kids too.
3) Bob Parr is forever the ‘listen to what your mom says’ kinda father.
4) Jack-Jack the baby is sooo messy.

One of the scene that touched me somehow is when Dash asked his sister, horrified “Are mom and dad going to die?”

Violet replied (not exact sentence ‘cos my memory not so good liao) “Something worse, their marriage is breaking up”

Someone I know is divorcing after several years of marriage and I was trying to comprehend their problems. When I heard these uttered by the Incredibles kids, it just adds on to my belief that all parents should stay together, no matter what. Yeah, I am diverting from superheroes movie to family scenes but just can’t help it. I love The Incredibles not so much for its’ superheroes drama but rather the importance of staying together as a family. It is very heart-warming to see Violet rise up to the occasion to protect her brother Dash using her super power. It is very touching to see Dash racing around to help his family. And yes, Jack-Jack turning into a little monster is so very ‘acceptable and normal’.

Usually, all Disney and Pixar movies like Nemo, Lilo and Stitch etc don’t leave my kids hungry for all the novelties. They will wait patiently for the pasar malam version. But this time, my 8 yrs old and 21 mths old are sooooo obssessed with the t-shirts, shoes, posters, socks, bags, bolsters, pillows etc etc. Especially my 21 mths old. He brightens up whenever he sees Bob Parr. So, how can a mom deny a lil baby like that? Now, I ended up with The Incredibles screen saver on my phone and my computer. And every piece of things from newspapers to cereal boxes will end up in my 8 yrs old treasure drawer. Plus I have to keep track when McDonalds has a new Incredibles toy. Such is the incredible attraction of The Incredibles.

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