The perfectionist mom breeds fussy kids

OK, first thing first. I believe in God and only God. But then, hey, I cannot resist taking a quiz to find out how much of a Virgo I am just for kicks. And boy… am I a perfectionist. Because out of 200,000+ people who took the same quiz, their average score is only 67%. I am way up high on the perfectionist tower at 73%. Well, does that mean my kids have a hard time trying to live up to my demands? I don’t think so ‘cos I am probably the sloppiest person around when it comes to parenting. My house is untidy, their clothes are crumpled and wrinkled, they wear mis-matched, oversize shirts and we have no routine. My 21 mths old toddler is not toilet trained, not sleeping through the nights, nothing about him goes by the book.

But….. yikes, I breed one very fussy son. The 12 yrs old who wears only matching clothes. Which pants go with which shirts are fixed. He takes care of his belongings like they are some treasures. He eats only food prepared in the ‘right’ way. Everything about him has to be in order. He cannot stand sticky spots or dirty floors. Well, he is a Virgo too. So, I do believe in horoscope, just a little.

Do you believe? Check it out anyway by clicking the below link.

You are 73% Virgo