My toddler has PMS

I pooh-pooh those moms who get exasperated just because their angelic babies turned notty. The experts make millions of dollar writing books on dealing with the terrible twos, tantrums and blahs. What’s the big deal? It is so fun to have my 22 mths old toddler turned into a monstrous little guy overnight.

Technically speaking, his huge molars are sprouting and he drools, again. It must be damn uncomfortable. So he took it out on us. He is my anak bongsu, my gift of God. He has the luxury of torturing his 3 big brothers and I. Things he did these few days:
1) Bashed up his #3 brother. He knows #3 is the youngest, so easiest to bully. He kick him in the groin, grab his pants at the part where it hurts most and when he can’t get to it, he pulls the pants. #3 wears elastic pants, so things can get hilarous when you see a toddler tugging at the half-drawn pants of his 8 yrs old brother. I swear no one taught my little guy to target below the belt but instinct did that.
2) He will annoy #2 when he is in a middle of an online game. #2 merely had to push the little, stubby hands away from the keyboard and lil guy will come screaming and howling with big tears, holding the hand to tell me he kena hentam. I swear I never teach him the Bollywood act.
3) #1 big bro is too big for him to bash but he is not going to leave him alone. Still, he shows off who is mummy’s favourite son now. He did not allow big bro to sit at the dining table when we have lunch. And grab every dishes away from him.

Gee…. life is so interesting and amusing when you have a toddler who has mastered the act of an adult. Cunning, full of lies, manipulative, dramatic and remains tweet and cute. What terrible twos? Only terrible parents who dunno how to fit in their roles as parents.