Love can never be shown equally

Today is #3’s eight years old birthday. Poor guy, being the middle child, had been thirsting for his birthday for the last 364 days. As he is borned in the year end, he never has the opportunity to celebrate his birthdays in kindergarten or primary schoolwith his school mates due to school holidays. So, I have to make it up to him by doing things to satisfy the 364 days of waiting.

(The mandatory cake. With The Incredibles, what else? I don’t have the maternal instinct like Double Happiness who actually decorate her twins birthday cake.)

Two days ago, we were at ToysRUs for the sea monkeys for #2 and #3 wasn’t able to make up his mind on what to get (until TRU close shop liao at 9.30pm). Ideally, I want to get him something of equivalent value to #2’s seamonkey (RM89.90) but kiddo wants a RM12.90 sword ala Aragon. It made me guilty, you see. I still perceive sharing love and showing it by spending the same amount of money.

So, today, we went back to TRU and still #3 cannot make up his mind because all he fancies are cheapo toys like marbles which cost RM7.90 or RM1 to drop into the rubber balls dispensing machine. In the end, I offered him several toys and also PS2 DVD plus some party flavours (or whatever you call that spray) totally less than RM30. In the evening (now) Papa’s offer of buffet dinner at the Revolving Restaurant also not fancied by #3. Chey…. then, I missed eating at one of the more interesting restaurant liao. (where the restaurant turns all the time, with a 360deg. view of Penang island.)

Now, we are going out again, trying to find more things to spend more money on so that I can feel ‘I am showing equal love’ because I am itching to get something expensive for #5.

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  1. But you can’t gauge love by buying them expensive stuff. Maybe the kid really loves those marbles leh.

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