Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

I guess these photos say it all. My very colourful Christmas tree filled with baubles of all colours and sizes. It has no theme, like all silver or all red or all purple. It is just a tree filled with things my kids chosed from the 50% discount bin over the last 2 years (‘cos baubles are so damn expensive wor). The colours and varieties reflect the colours in our lives, I reason with myself. (I know my more creative friends are going to say ‘aiyoh… your tree so jinjang wan)

I had written a 1,000 words article about Christmas and had closed my eyes, crossed my fingers, said a prayer and press the ‘Send’ button to The Ed of StarTwo. If I don’t see my story on national paper and get paid for it, I am never, ever going to try my luck again. I can wax lyrical about Christmas not because I am now a Christian (a 2 yrs old one). Christmas has so much meaning to me because I did not have the faintest idea who Jesus is except the song I heard, Jesus Christ, Superstar back in my kampung when I was 5 years old. So, if you guys don’t see my Christmas story in paper, that means the world has lost one of the best writer! kikhkikhkikh (that’s a giggle, fyi)

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