Pt 2 – Before and after kids

Went to a wedding dinner at Northam last Saturday with toddler tagging along.

Observed this:
Before toddler : wear slinky dress (over-dressed guests give me this idea, definitely wasn’t my style hor?) with spaghetti strap and sequins. Killer high heels and carry those icky, girlish handbag that makes one look like some mamasan’s ‘worker’. Sit at the table and make idiotic grins and tilt head and ‘fly’ hairs (whatcha call that pantene girl style ha?).

After toddler : wear clothes that doesn’t have dangerous buttons/straps that toddler can unbutton/undress in a moment of tantrums. Definitely have to be full cotton with no sharp buttons or sequins or else may scratch toddler. Flat heels so that you can sprint and save toddler from pulling down the mega-speakers or trip waiters balancing sharks-fin soup. Bag? Backpack that has contents like wet wipes for poo, towels to catch any vomit, spare clothings and food to amuse toddler. Table manner? Where got time for manners? Did not even have chance to sit. In between keeping an eye on toddler, stuff food down throat while standing around the table. Damn hungry mah.

Outside the dinner hall, got one Indon maid carrying a screaming 2-3 years old (daddy, daddy, daddy….struggling to go in the direction of the dinner hall, kid’s face red and got big tears). Apparently, the parents brought the maid and kid along, left poor them outside the hall while they did what Group 1 (before toddler) do. Sit and act sociable and civilised. Appear cultured.

Signed : One sour-grape mom