Food – Puffy fish ball

One of my breastfeeding forum mom, Michelle Sau gave us a recipe. Yeah, food also featured prominently in a breastfeeding forum because we are all loving mothers mah. We provide the best nutrition for our children, from breastmilk for infants to home cooked meals for children of all ages. All original wan, like original milk for human babies is breastmilk.

Michelle’s recipe is something like this:
1 kati tenggiri fish meat (deboned and blended)
4 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp baking powder.

Mix all ingredient together. Deep fry.

I am someone who reads a lot but never follow most of the things I read. (that’s how I fail exams all the time). But the thing turned out great eventhough I used only 3 eggs (scared of cholestrol mah).

Why I posted this recipe on a parenting blog? Because when the puffy balls are in hot oil, they really puffed up so huge, almost spilling out of the wok. I called my older kids to witness how the gluey fish paste blew up into big balls and then shriveled into wrinkled balls the moment they are out of the oil. It is such fun to see them kembang. Anyway, I like to get my kids involved in the kitchen in the hope that they will learn cooking someday. With a mom like me, it is not mere cooking but fun play. If there is something interesting, I will then call for one of them to take photo. Hopefull, one day when I am long dead, they will still remember me for the cooking. Just like I remember my mom for her cooking and the time spent in the kitchen with her.

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