Feeding a violent future

Each day when I open the papers to read the news, I have the same feelings, “What else is new?” It is the usual, “This expert says like this, that expert says like that.” All angmohs, whatever and whoever they are, real experts or just idiots, are often quoted as ‘experts’ and some local companies, especially milk formula companies, alternative medicine companies and industries related to children will bank in on our Malaysians gullible nature and believe semua pun boleh. Take a look around your neighbourhood and you can see Japanese way of teaching maths, languages etc etc centre are sprouting. Oh yes, the Japanese are real smart. But do we necessary have to follow them? That may include group suicides (read in the paper about this group who pakat through the net and die together?), teenage suicides, young girls selling their used panties to DOM, etc etc?

OK, I have diverted. Today’s topic that caught my eyes is :

A study that suggests that young children who do not eat healthily are more likely to grow up into violent teenagers must have many parents worried.

Found in The Star. My ass! Common sense tells me that it is not so much the food but the parents’ negligence. Parents who are too busy to play their roles as parents, i.e. to provide protection, nurturing, sustenance, guidance and role model. They could be out there, trying to earn a few more bucks, leaving their kids to grow up without all these things.

It gives me a certain fuzzy feeling when I see my kids enjoying whatever I had dished out. And I know they also have some fuzzy feeling knowing that what they are eating are things that I had laboured with love. Often, I would yell for one particular kid to come and taste my cooking while I am cooking because things have to suit his taste. It made him feel important. Or I would be taking orders like some waitress. ( Read Love Bites) Though I do ngam-ngam-cham-cham while doing it, my kids know that it is what makes a family.

So, to all the ‘experts’, here’s what my kid says (go guess which finger he used). His mouth is messed up with creamy sauce from pasta I cooked, his face mirrors the satisfaction of having a home and home-cooked meals.