KFC & McD tutup kedai with moms like me

My to-die-for baked pasta

With moms like me, all the fast food restaurants can close shop liao. The only times we go to KFC or McDonald are probably when we are lost in some small towns like Mentakab, Sitiawan, Tampin or somewhere and dunno what is safe to eat. Or to get The Incredibles toys that come free.

I found people who buys fries and pile them like a mountain on the serving tray, pour chili sauce all over it and relish it in a group – uncultured. Probably these poor souls’ mommies never cook any food for them at home.

Photo of oven crisp potato wedges (that means not fried with oil lar) top with cheddar cheese, melted.

I was IM-ing with Double Happiness today about making pop-corn chicken for my kids. She told me fried food very oil, all soggy and very jelak. Oh no, I told her, not if it is me who cook it. So, I taught her the secret of deep frying. Heat the oil till smoking hot, put the things to be fried in small batches, after a few seconds, lower the fire. When just about to finish cooking, heat the oil real hot again. And you get crispy, not very oily fried food. Finger sucking good!

I love the KFC pop-corn chicken advertisement where this nerd jumped on the back of the construction worker who is handling a jackhammer and go humping while shaking the pop-corn chicken with MSG and artificial additives loaded powder. But I am annoyed to see the other advert of one supposedly happy family at the restaurant on pay day. Pay day? What? Does that mean the average Malaysians only can afford to eat KFC on pay day? And is it a loving or damn lazy mom (as potrayed in the advert) who feed her children with re-cycled oil, tortured ** to grow chicken flavoured with lots of MSG?
(to the uninitiated, these chicken live with lights on all the time and if it is lighted, poor chicken will be fooled to go on eating and eating and thus, grow faster for the slaughter house. Poor chickens, they never even have time to sleep. Err… does that remind you of some other ‘chicken’?)

So, let us help to make KFC, McD and all fast food restaurants close shop faster. Train your kids to enjoy home prepared meals rather than running to these outlets with the intention of bringing a smile to others. (these fast food restaurants also banked in on other’s misfortunes to get publicity)

Want food recipes to my pop-corn chicken and pasta? Surf over to my parenting website at MyMomsbest and check under recipes.

“Happy” school holidays to all moms.