I eat my own words

October 23rd – I tip toed into the blogging world after getting a little high seeing my pretty face (with my nose the size of Malaysia!) on the front page on Star Intech. Hey, I have to live up to the image, right? Follow the pack and stay with big boys in IT.

My first blog was:

Bloggers are weirdos

I thought bloggers are weirdos who talk to themselves ‘coz they have no human friends to talk to and they are attention seekers. But heck, I lurve blogs and stalk blogs so might as well join the bunch of weirdos.

Now, a little over a month, I have to eat my own words. I am now real deep in this blogging world. I am hooked. I trawl the circuit everyday. I polish the shoes of the ‘veteran’ bloggers (they are damn good actually and mornings are not the same after reading their posts). I sign up every damn freeware, from blogs directories like Project Petaling Street, Penang Bloggers, international directoriess, moms blogs ring, site traffic tracker, Haloscan and etc etc. Whatever is on the veteran bloggers site, I also must copy-cat. These blogging craze does not just end here. I am now into planting blog ideas to every one.

I am going to get your neighbourhood ah sohs/makcik/achee (aunties) to blog too. We are going to invade the blogging world. Right now, I observed, Malaysian bloggers are mostly young adults and working adults full of angsts. We (the aunties) are going to balance that. You can bet on that. We are going to spice up the blogging world with cili padi and make the blog scenario hot with mature women thoughts. Yeah!