My kids silly, hairy story

Twinsmom and Peter suggested this title : Silly, hairy, fairy tale

On Saturday, my 12 yrs old and 8 yrs old were in the car with me stuck in the jam and waiting for the lights to turn green. Probably, we were in a high mood after our sunset mass and we started giggling over every little thing. (Or probably, I am a bad mother who does not know how to give sermons to my kids). One thing leads to another, I asked my 12 yrs old when he wants to ‘grow hair’ (as in reaching adolescent).

The 8 yrs old is forever competitive and must ‘everything you can do, I do first’ kind of guy. So, he got the bright idea to cut his head hair and glue it there so that he also got hairs! And older brother rebutted, ‘Why not you ask Mik (our part-time helper) to collect the hairs on the drain pipe cover from mommy and papa’s bathroom and give to you?’

I added, ” Yahor, we ask her to keep a big, big hair ball and use super-glue and stick it on your kuku (birdie) then we mah no need to buy anymore pants for you lor.”

But 8 yrs old is even more creative, “Yahor, I can make a hula skirt with it” and he started singing ‘Aloha oi, Aloha oi’.

So, everyone giggled, giggled and giggled. With kids their age, once they start, they can’t stop. So, Rapunzel came into the picture. First it was Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your ketiak (arm-pit) hair. Then, the kids got a little braver with a silly mom like me and said many, many years later, Rapunzel got very, very old. And her hair down ‘there’ turned white. So, Rapunzel dyed the white hair to make it blonde. Along came a prince and he said the magic word. And down came the blonde hair. But while the Prince was climbing up half-way, Rapunzel needed to pee. And the Prince found water flowing down from Rapunzel’s ‘hair’ and thought it was raining… More giggles and someone almost got choked on his own saliva. And I forgot to step on the brake (stopped for red light), car sliding backwards and got honked. Maybe the driver behind thought we had all gotten seizures or something, judging from the way all 3 were opening their mouth so big, gasping for air and jerking like that.

As for that sunset mass homily, I explained to my kids earlier when we were in church, in simple language that Jesus is not someone who is dead or going to be born (on Christmas) but His Holy Spirit is in each of us, in the present, that is NOW. And the message from Him is to ‘laugh and the world laugh with you’. And He doesn’t like His name being quoted too often so that He won’t get an ear itch and sneezes every day (Chinese believes that if you talk about someone too often, that person will get an annoying ear itch and sneeze).

(Tks to Twinsmom for the unique title.)