Help Ryan to fulfil a wish for the New Year

Following my blog earlier about children who have to spend months and years in the hospital, I have finally prepared a complete information about baby Ryan.

Full information available at : http://www.mylittleheroes.com/ys.htm
Story on Ryan available for reading at this link – page 2 and page 3

There are a few things that I will like to remind each of us. Firstly, do not look on Ryan and his loving family with pity. Ryan is a brave little baby and his mom, one of the many brave women I know. They need our encouragement only. Secondly, please remember that this request that I am making is NOT for Ryan or his mom. It is a wish that Ryan’s mom feels is most appropriate because Ryan is fondly known as a long-staying ‘guest’ in UMMC. Therefore, what Ryan wants to do is to ‘belanja’ (treat) all the little children in the ward and celebrate the New Year.

Ryan’s mom has thought of this generous and noble idea. She is the best person to know what to give to each ward as the children in the hospital varies in age and health. Therefore, we are lucky that we can contribute a small amount of money and allow Ryan’s mom to do something to cheer the sick children, with a personal touch.

Please note that Ryan’s mom has to remain anonymous because it is hard for her to face the people around her if everyone keeps asking about him everywhere and also due to family’s obligations. Therefore, she has asked that this gift giving project be given minimal publicity. However, in order to generate enough money to purchase gifts for 100-200 children (depending on admission rate), we (friends of Ryan’s mom) decided to pass the words around through the net.

I have a few websites, written some articles for the papers and magazines and hopefully, each of you trust me enough to chip in your share. Ryan’s mom told me that even RM2 or RM3 is enough for her to make something special for the children. One of them is to give this delicious, Japanese made (ok, Ryan’s grandaunt is a Japanese lady) cookies which will be made at cost. With extra cash, she will buy tiny soft toys or something appropriate for the mothers of the children whom are not able to enjoy their gifts.

If you are not able to contribute financially, how about sending a get-well/greeting card for Ryan and his mom? Or mail some cute stickers for his cheh-cheh (sister) Jayne who is 3 years old? I am sure Jayne will be thrilled to have the attention on her for a change.

So, please do something for Ryan. Spread the word around so that Ryan can ‘belanja’ (treat) the sick children of University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Tell all your friends, colleagues, college mates, relatives and neighbourhood ah sohs (aunties). Blog this to widen the news. Oh ya, Ryan stays in the Intensive Care Unit and visitors aren’t encouraged.

I will update the progress of this project on my blog and also at the MYLittleHeroes website.

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Blessings and cheers!