I love Penang

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Each time I return from a short trip out of the island, I definitely have this wonderful feeling of how lucky I am. I will imagine myself to be some tourist and be amazed with the bridge, the sea, skyline and all the great things my little island has to offer. Like today, I saw this amazing sunset and couldn’t resist taking photo with my psstt…1.3 MP camera. Ahh… I love Penang and will never trade any other place with it. Not even Paris, Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence, Melbourne, Sydney, HK, kiasuland, Thailand (to name some of the places I had been). I remember I was almost in tears in Paris once. I missed chicken and I missed rice. I couldn’t afford eating a hot meal in Paris. I cannot find fried chicken anywhere. I saw a whole chicken roasting in the wet market and we couldn’t buy it for the kids. boohoohoo…. I ate cold sardines at the Notre Dam. more boohoohoo…. In Venice, I craved for Maggi Mee and all they had are spaghetti. boohoohoo Each time I parted with Penang, I surely have this ‘I appreciate you so much feelings’. I love Penang.