More things to bring on the mood

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To be frank, I have no idea why gingerbread man has a place in Christmas. I certainly did not read about any sly old fox in the Bible or gingerbread man. Except maybe the devil himself who eats up too-trusting people who can’t sniff out the foxy-odour.

Anyway, I just uploaded this flickr and therefore, learning to put up photo and blog from the same place. (previously, I have to upload my photo geocities and then, link. But I will still keep my private photos in geocities and leave general ones like these here at flickr.) This photo is something I bought from Delifrance, a fruit cake and a gingerbread man. I had to stuff myself with the fruitcake because kids do not fancy them but insisted on buying because of the cute hollies. (the red berries with green leaves).