Risky Love

Nope, I am not blogging about jumping into the sack with a married man. That one is foolish and dumb lust. I am writing about doing something risky for someone because you have faith in it.

Actually, I had been encountering risky love many times but I have just learnt this term from Max Lucado. Someone once told me he has faith in me and that word ‘faith’ has taken me very far. It is not easy for a person to have faith in another person. Admit it, I sometimes do not have faith in my own husband, my kids and I am sure my mom and older siblings almost ALWAYS don’t have faith in me. I have promised myself when I start this blog, I will not touch on religion and therefore, I am not going to touch on faith in God. (If God is ever mentioned in this blog, it is because He fits in and not that I try to fit Him in and peppers this blog with Name droppings.)

What is risky love? Risky love is when you have a lot of faith in a person without really getting a full testimonial of the person. It is an instinct you have in a person. You trust the person will rise up like you expected. And if the person failed, it does not matter too. You can close your eyes and relax that everything will turn out fine, whatever it is.

The most recent one was my risky love for the sick kids. As soon as my appeal for people to chip in and help baby Ryan fulfil his wish of giving goodie bags to all the children in the hospital, the money starts flowing in. But as fast as the money flows in, the doubts creep in too. People warned me that I can get into trouble. Have I covered my own ass by seeking a lawyer’s advice first? Do I have to apply to the authority first? What will happened when my mails/blogs/forum postings went out of control? Well, if I don’t give a sh*t because my instinct told me that if I don’t do it, no one is going to do it. So, let my ass be at risk.

I received mails telling me they have the principle of not giving cash away. Fine. I have people offering all kind of goods but I already explained that we cannot put Ryan’s mom under the burden of segregating the gifts. (these people have not been to a Government hospital and therefore, cannot visualise the vast area of the wards and the different ages and levesl of illness of the children) But…. I am so fuzzy-woozy that there are so many people out there whom had taken the risky love method of doing things.

I met Ryan’s mom on 10th December 2004 and she was so overwhelmed with the amount of contributions. She showed me her bank savings book. I know that these kind souls are taking a risk because of love. Some banked in RM500, some RM25 but what matters is not the amount but the fact that they have the faith and the trust that their hard-earned monies will be put to good use. Ryan is now joined by baby Akif in the ICU. Baby Akif’s mom is from my breastfeeding group too and they met earlier in the ICU. Akif had gone home but had to return because of some hernia post-surgery problems. Now, with the 2 moms there whom I know, I am even more willing to risk my ass to get this project off the ground.

For everyone’s update, Ryan’s mom has enough money for the goodie bags. BUT…. some of these wonderful people I know from drliew.net forum, Project Petaling Street and my other groups have expressed their interest in really doing something physically. One pregnant mom said she wants to knit things for the tiny, premature babies there. One tough, macho guy said he has experienced doing charity rounds in wards. A group of college students echo. Another offered huge quantities of teddy bears. So, stay tuned and if the sum of money is enough for a decent size project (whatever it is), I will put my head out and discuss with the right department (Public Relations) in UMMC and see if we can make this into a (cyber) community project. Let’s do something, anything but NO GIANT cheques (urggh… don’t you agree it is vulgar to blow up a miserable few MYR thousand into a giant cheque, present it and look like an idiot?).

So, to all those whom had taken the risk of contributing their monies, Ryan’s mom said a million thank yous. I will put up her email on a separate site soon.

Risky love – will you do it for someone today? Your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, kids, whoever? Have faith and only faith and trust the person without any doubts?

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