Baby Ryan’s mom says….

This is the email from KS to Maria of Double Happiness Blog and I, Lilian dated 11th December 2004. It is addressed to each of you whom had so generously taken an interest in baby Ryan and his little friends in UMMC.

Hello everyone

Yesterday I updated my savings accounts passbook at the bank and squealed loudly. The bank officers looked at me at a puzzled faces. I was so happy, grinning like a cheshire cat. And then carry on the grin all the way from the bank back to my office.

I have received the funds entrusted to me to get goodies bags for the children in the hospital. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And then later I was wondering if I did the right thing?!! Please do not ever once pity my son whose picture was posted on the net because he is braver than you and I. For such a little boy to undergo so many operations and more to come, to undergo tests after tests, to have to needles prick into his lttle fingers and toes to get an IV lines and etc, have suctions from the throat and nose every two hours every day, have spasm and turn purple and gasps for air… well i can’t say enough but that’s my little brave warrior.

As he is my son, I felt for him, but there are so many other children in the wards with so many kinds of illness, everyone goes through this suffering in every different way. And for some of them, the wards and the hospital seems to be like their home more than the one their parents and brother and sisters lived. I know of a little boy whose has stayed in the general ward since birth four years ago. A little girl whose follows our hospital attendant wherever they go, to deliver medications or blood and even transfer patients from one ward to another.

When you have contacted an illness that needs to be confined in an area. How longs could you stayed in doors? You could shopped at the mall all day long enjoying the scenery, delicious coffees and snacks and pretty things. You could play swing and slides at the lucious green grass parks with fresh airs. You could lazed around at home with the hi-tech computer games, Tv programs and modern day facilities. Well some of them have been here long enough. The day they could go home is a joyful day. For some they take a few days leave from the hospital to return home and then back to the hospital again.

PLEASE DON’T THINK I AM USING MY SON TO COLLECT PITY AND GIFTS FOR OURSELVES. My son and I are very lucky to have wonderful doctors and nurses to look after us well. Yong Sen has 40+ godmothers, do you? All of them loves us in different ways, doctors offer medical advise, the nurses cares for him and me, and we are spreading our love to others too.

Just share your good luck with the other people. You could even do it for some old folks and the handicapped people or anyone around you.

Thank you for trusting me with the funds you give me. We vow to give all and nothing for ourselves. We are your good-luck-giver messenger only. Kahshin and Yongsen.