Women who love being miserable

I am not someone who whine. Oh no, not I. I have never used PMS (as explained by dr. liew) or depression (defined by Twinsmom) to justify my bad behaviours. In fact, I don’t think I ever misbehaved in that sense. I have the patience of Job (btw, Job is a person in the Bible who is extremely patient)
and I have a huge name plate hanging above my head which says ‘ Lilian’ Pure Heart followed by a verse ‘Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” (Psalm 19:14) to remind me to be extra patience.

So, I do get bloody pissed off when there are sick souls out there who make their own lives miserable carrying the burdens that I had hurted them, that I controlled their freedom of speech or being cruel to them. I feel so much for them. They get these screwed up feelings about the world around them and think we owe them a huge debt. Not only that, there is this one woman whom used God to ‘bury’ me. I hate these dumb asses who will bring God into the conversation when they know that they are going nowhere after some debate. She said, ‘I am so ashamed to be your Christian sister. Don’t you know God is watching you?’ Heck, go fly kite. But as one human being to another, I do feel for her. I cannot imagine going through my daily life feeling angry with someone I know on the net and never even meet in person. So, I feel bad that someone out there make her ownself miserable over me.

Can someone tell me why women love to make their own lives miserable? Can someone please explain to me why do people allow themselves to let others make themselves feel bad? Can someone tell me why our Malaysian women are so much into labelling themselves with mat salleh terms? Whine, whine, whine, depression, depression, depression, PMS, PMS, PMS, low self-esteem bla bla bla. Why can’t these women whom have perfect children, good incomes, healthy bodies, stable family life be happy and rejoice? I suspect they enjoy being miserable and found it thrilling to feel miserable over tiny speckles like me, for e.g.?

Do you know women like that? Are you one of them?

2 thoughts on “Women who love being miserable

  1. I think I know someone who is like that. She has low self esteem, has recently had PMS, whines on occassion, and feels sorry for herself. I try my best to encourage her and to help herself, and while most of it seems to do good, the problem still seems to be there. I am not too far from giving up on her, but I just don’t have the heart…

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