Men are really boys – Part 1 of many parts

Woohoo! I have 4(+1) boys whom I brought up from day old babies till almost 15 years old. And it just hit me today that all those men I knew actually display the same characteristics like my boys.

I had been trying to blog this since afternoon but couldn’t think of a nice photo to go along with my blog. But I found it now. The above is called a lap pillow. I took this photo from after seeing it in The Star. What comes to your mind when you see the pillow? A pair of sexy thighs and mini skirt? Not to me! I see it as an invention by men craving for the comfort of his mommy’s lap. My boys used to (and some is still) lie on my lap like that, with me carressing their hair. So, girls (single or married except those who do not have male partners), you know what to do la.

Oh boy, I do have a lot to write about this topic. So, stay tune to 5xmom. Bookmark me now, visit my blog every morning. You may ask, “Why auntie like you now miang-miang want to talk about men pulak?” ‘Cos they were once boys mah. And this blog is all about bringing up boys leh. I do have a lot of experiences where bringing up boys is concerned.

Like today, my almost 2 yrs old boy had been acting very erractic. One moment he was such a sweet lil baby, all cuddly and warm. And the next minute, he sulks for no apparent reason. The more I try to coax him and pujuk him, the further he ran. Does that remind you of any guys you know? Yes, of course. So, how do I deal with lil sulky baby? I just leave him alone and soon, he will come back to me, all cuddly and warm again. If I try to talk and ask him what is wrong, it will take an even longer time for him to be ‘normal’ again.

Then, my 8 years old. One easy way to make him happy is to sit down and watch some inane, dumb, American kids show together. Though I may hate the show, I put on a smile and act eager to know the characters. Then, I try to remember a few names and start yakking with him. He beams. Same goes for those boyfriends and husbands. You hate football? Never mind, just remember a few names (meantime enjoy the hunky players) for conversation sake and ape his behaviour. If he screams, goal!, you follow. If he looks disappointed, do the same. That solves a lot of bickerings, isn’t it?

As for my 12 yrs old, he will demand for ‘thong sui’ cooked to his order. He needs to be given massages and reflexlogy (bluffing me he got growing pains). How hard is it to do that? A pot of sweet things and some massages makes a happy boy. Do it for your man and you will be rewarded.

Then, a sullen 15 years old. That’s the hardest age to please. If you tell him to go North, he will go South. If you ask him to sit, he will walk. What do I do? Just forget it. No use to waste my gas on moody guys like that because it is all due to his hormones. And yes, males also have mood swings due to their hormones. I got one old ‘boy’ at home with mood swings too. The fastest and quickest way to get rid of that mood swings is to say it really loud for the world to hear ‘Men will also experience menopausal mood swings when they get old.’ No one likes to admit they are getting old!

More to come….