I want to thank the Government (education wise)

One of the thing I detest most is parents who never stop complaining and whining over our education system and all things related to their children. Give too little homework, they complain. Give too much homework, they complain. In fact, it seems to me that people are always dissatisfied with the Education Ministry. You can see them complaining in the papers. And worse still, plenty of these women who has nothing better to do but hanging around their kids school 24/7, complain like some smart arse too.

My kids had been studying in SRKSX since 1997. Two of them are now in SXI. I live next to SKSX. Yet, I have never stepped foot in the school unless absolutely necessary. Because I loathe those women who compare notes on the teachers’ performance right in front of their kids. Arrgghhh, I just hate being cloned with these ungrateful people. I have the highest respect for teachers and accept that sometimes we have a few bad apples, as in all professions. But these nit-wits think the teachers owe them a huge sum of money and expect excellent services.

Maybe I am one of those few people with a twisted mind. I love teachers, I love our education system (though they can be improve), I love the fact that my father migrated to Malaya and I am given free education. I am so thankful that our Government provide free textbooks and free education. Do you all know that our school children only needs to pay less than RM12 per school year? Our kampungs, estates and hutan children (orang asli?) have the same education as the bandar and city ones.

What makes me so grateful today? Because I took my children to buy their textbooks and stuffs. I have to pay about RM150 for each son. For a mid-income family like us, it is nothing. But when I have to dig out the money from my wallet (auntie don’t carry beads purse leh), I do feel so happy that so many of our lesser income children all over Malaysia are given free textbooks. I am so grateful that none of our Malaysian children are denied off education.

So, to those women who ‘eat full nothing to do’ who only knows how to throw stones, I want to tell them to shaddap! Spend your time wisely. Instead of standing around the school compound, supervising the teachers with your hawk eyes, go and do some voluntary work at orphanages, old folks home, shelter homes, RSPCA, whatever. To those who still have complains, take that boat, from whatever country your ancestors come from, go back to your roots. If not for Malaysia, you will probably be some China-doll (girls for ‘hire’) or some kuli in other countries.

Let’s be grateful and thankful for what we have.