Men are boys – Part 2 of many parts

Continuation from Part 1

You know… every woman likes to ask their man some questions like :
– Am I pretty/sexy/beautiful/attractive etc
– Do I look better than Mrs. so&so, Miss ABC, that lady etc etc
– Am I fat/plump/too thin/getting wrinkles etc etc
– Do you think I resemble Gong Li/Jennifer Lopez/Erra/some Bollywood starlet

If I ask my sons questions like the above, I will get the responses as follows:

2 yrs old son : Thinks the world of you, adore you regardless of how you look, just out of bed with bad breath, bird’s nest hair or all made-up nicely. No difference to him. Makes one feel like the most beautiful woman on earth.

8 years old son : Knows this is a tricky question. Will need to compose himself to tell a white lie. Scratch head, touch nose and answer, ” err…. got la, sure lawhile blinking eyes. Gives goofy smile.

12 years old son : Tired of playing 8 yrs old game since so many years have to tell white lies. So he gives matter-of-fact answer because he knows there is no escaping. If did not give answer, mom is going to hound him with the questions again and again. So he will reply, “Nolah… your face has huge holes, your butt is so wide, you got jelly bottom etc etc but your clothes colour nice la or your hair got funny colour under the sun or your eyeshadow shimmers with rainbow colours” or just about anything to pacify the glare from mom and also to avoid getting cubit (pinch).

15 years old : The only thing that comes out from his mouth, “Hrrmmpph” (you know, the sound horses made?) and give blank look or roll-eyes that says, ‘fai si thong lei kong/chiak pah bo ah neh eng/don’t waste my breath/I am not so free for this game.’

Same goes for men!

Before he make you his ‘property’: reaction like 2 years old

After being a boyfriend of a few months/years : Reaction like 8 years old

After married for one or two years : Clever to evade tricky questions like 12 years old

After married for more than 10 years : Husbands/partners turn blind and deaf liao.

It is human nature, ladies. They have have been tuned that way and already act like that since small. *sigh* How come they aren’t blind to SYTs? That’s a mystery. But now I have learnt a new term from Double Happiness – HYTs! * muahhahahahaha.* And also learnt a new trick that men use from Buaya69…. looking around without looking 😉