The crustacean cousins

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If you don’t see me online blogging in the next few days, it means I am lying in hospital due to food poisoning. If you see any funny topics from me, it means I got mabuk/high from eating these two crustaceans. If you don’t see me at all, it means I die liao.

Ate grilled horse-shoe crab today. Only their eggs are edible. It tasted like caviar, only better. While midway tucking into the yellow eggs, the taukey told my pot** that some people can get high eating the eggs. Chey… what a spoilsport. So, all of us (pot, me and my #1 son) stopped eating and gave instructions to my 2 youngers sons. If we are too mabuk to drive, one of you take care of the steering and the other one the pedal. If we pengsan, call an ambulance. If die, then you will all be very rich children.

Alleluia! 4 hours passed and I am still standing.

**pot = “something” that turns black (the face) when I boil too long computer ‘chook’ porridge