What is Christmas? I did it my way

I found this remark left by someone in another fellow blogger’s comments. For someone like me who just fall into the trap of blogging for a mere 2 months and a Catholic for a mere 2 years, I would say that such uprighteous remarks pissed me off. It has undertones that I am a lesser mortal than the author.

Quoted here, name changed to alphabets. Who is the author? (every regular bloggers should know):

so A is catholic too,P ? good to know of another catholic blogger.

then of course we have lilian, catholic and a penangtite! but still, it looks like we are the only 2 who announce in our blog profile that we are catholics. 🙂

I am a member of drliew.net stalkers forum and they would know what four letter *&#%)@# I had uttered after discovering the above comments. I do not need an uprighteous oldie to lump me into the same island and same faith as her. I have my own stand, my own views, thank you very much.

This same person has also been going on and on about how Christmas should be celebrated. She got agitated over some things that she can’t changed. It is not that she is some politician who can set the Government’s policy. So, why bark like a stray dog? Can’t she go around spreading a little kindness, a little love instead of preaching how Christmas should be celebrated, what carols are fitting, what are not? What food to eat, what not?

Enough about that. Now, let’s hear what this other Catholic do on Christmas. I have a tree because it is fun hanging balls. I bought some cookies ‘cos it is cute. I have no presents for anyone except my godma and my children’s godpa. Even my own kids are not getting presents because they had been getting them in advance. Other than that, it is just another day. I do not believe in being more charitable on Christmas. I believe in being nice, kind and compassionate to all 365 days of the year with some bitchiness thrown in to spice up things. I don’t go around blaring to the world that I love Jesus and all that stuff because I have faith in my Lord that He is a more capable person to do it Himself. I had often quote Buddhism teachings to some people in need because I do not believe in shoving down someone’s throat something they can’t comprehend. And why can’t they comprehend? Because of so many bigotted people around. Read Michael’s blog and don’t miss my comments there. Back then, we have the Pharisees, right now the same Pharisees are blogging. Things haven’t change much.

While on religion, I call God Allah too (Catholics do that). I can seperate the Holy Trinity (3-1 person). I see Jesus as someone I know personally. For e.g. I love my husband but I don’t go around boring people to tears listening to how good my husband is. I am sure many of us know we hate people who gush and gush how good their partners are. Same here. So, if I say Insyallah often, it simply means, God’s willing. And I pray that everyone on earth will see God as God and not argue over Nabi Mohammed and Nabi Isa. I pray that the powers-up-there will have the wisdom to see things in this simplified view.

Let’s celebrate the season of goodwill. If you are a Penangite, catch the carolling from my Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. We don’t sing idiotic Christmas carols. (Yeah, doc, no mummy having affair with Santa). We have 40 carollers, singing soprano, alto, tenor, bass, age from 6 yrs to 80 years old. We sing for a sum of money which will be donated to charity.

Our schedule:
22nd Dec. – 8pm : 32 the Mansion
9.30 pm : Golden Sands Resorts
(I am only joining the 22nd night, so say hi if you are there!)

24th Dec. – 7pm – Mutiara Beach Hotel
9.30 – Golden Sands Resorts
11pm – Mutiara Beach

As a parting note, here’s a line from the song

This is Christmas to me
What is Christmas?
Is it Mary’s little baby?
Is it quite alright that maybe
it’s not the same for you and me?
Wherever I am, wherever you are,
let us make a wish upon the Christmas star
that there be hope in every heart
love in every home
peace in every land
neighbours hand in hand

Signed : Love to all and blessings! Lilian & family