Leaving my past

Smile! How can one not get smitten by this fat, laughing buddha? He is so adorable. I have the figurine in gold plated, wood, pewter, ceramic and others. A few of them were gifts from friends and relatives. Then, I also have these ‘fook-lok-sau’ (which means prosperity, wealth and health). The laughing buddha is the ‘xie’ (happiness). All these 4 things, prosperity, wealth, health and happiness rank highly in the Chinese way of living and thinking.

My father’s name is a series of ‘hock, lock, siew, hee’. He is the fourth son and thus, his name is Hee whilst his elder brothers were ah hock, ah lock, ah siew (okie, the middle name is not ‘ah’ but something else lah). I had heard about this way of naming him since I was very small and therefore, had this interest in the Hee. Probably because he died way before I really got to know him, when I was only about 6-7 yrs old so I prolly feel keeping a Hee in my home is like representing the father figure I never had. Not to mention those uncles I had back in Hainan island in China which I never met before.

Now…I can hear that. Lilian, you are one very confused person. You have watched far too many Mulan stories. Yeah, yeah, say what you like, think what you like. Read on and hope you are enlightened.

Calendar : December 2001
The above calendar was in my old house. It has turned yellow. The figurines in my house are now covered with dust. My leather sofa set has become fungal Club Med. My Guan Yin altar had decayed outside my porch. My lovely Guan Yin and kitchen god had been ceremoniously invited to a temple along with my in-laws tablet.

So, what do I do with all these stuffs from my old house? Where are my little fat laughing guys going? Anyone wanna adopt them? Will it be rude to give gifts for me to others? My past life stopped on December 2001. And with it, all the baggages.