Christmas – what I say in the Star

I blog about Christmas a while back and found what I wrote in the paper today. Well, I won’t get paid for that piece but nevertheless, great to put my thoughts on Christmas to the mass media. Yeah, The Star 1.2 million (?) readers are going to read it. If just 1% of the readers, read, I have gotten a huge number of people to hear what I say. What is Christmas to me? It is what is written in the paper. Go to Star Online and read it. I hope it brings Christmas cheer and all the fuzzy feelings that should accompany it.

To all my brothers and sisters-in-Christ, Have a Blessed Christmas and may the joy and peace of the Lord be with you through 2005. Remember Jesus’s Word – Don’t worry, be happy! (Read Matthew’s Gospel)

To all my other non-Muslims friends, go on, have a great time,with or without tree. Knowing that you are all in the spirit of celebrating Christmas is great!

To my treasured Muslims friends, have a nice cuti.