I am a super mommy


  • I can IM with a bunch of ‘strangers’, wash dirty bottom, barking orders to my other kids all at the same time
  • I can swallow processed, tasteless food spitted out by my toddler without feeling geli (squeamish)
  • I can take a nap and make sure my other kids did not burn the house down at the same time
  • I can cook 3 different kinds of food demanded by 3 diff. kids without feeling like adding in rat poison
  • I can use my nose to sniff out the spots left by a toddler who silently took off his dirty, brownish diaper and sat all over the house, while looking oh so tweet and innocent
  • I can hold back my Hokkien four-letter words even at explosion point because my toddler is picking up languages real fast (wouldn’t want my 2 yrs old to mutter pooh-key or chee-bye in a crowded lift, you know?)
  • I can walk coolly (humming Silent Night) through a shopping mall and pretend those kids (who are pulling off the shops’ Christmas tree ornaments, knocking down window display, peeking up mannequins micro mini skirts or squeezing bras on display etc) aren’t mine
  • I can trudge through sticky, oily, dusty, slippery floors at home and not feeling it (my pot** will screamed, shit, why the floor so sticky! And I would go, huh? got meh, where? where? with blank looks)
  • I can endure cooked rice grains/noodles on the floor (my theory – wait till the rice grains/noodles are dried, easier to sweep than sticky grains/noodles)
  • I can laugh at my own shortcomings and still loving myself lots.