My gift of wisdom

I got my first Christmas present. In fact, it is probably my first ever Christmas present that is not from either my godmother or my kids’ godfather. Oh yeah, I got lots of presents before but since this is the 2nd year I am going to celebrate Christmas knowing *ahem* the true meaning of Christmas, this present that I had is very memorable to me.

Well, the present has given me that fuzzy feeling that I am doing something good and something right. Probably all my life, no one has given me a present that is accompanied with these words ‘Thank you for your love’. Not even the ex-bfs or my hubby. Nope, no one ever thanked me for my love. Err… probably my kids may have, in their kiddies’ language. But this is a real present, from an adult and I got the affirmation that I am loving someone apart from my own kids, husband, few good friends and even fewer relatives. Hey world, I got thanked for my love. Are you going to thank me too? (vain pot got carried away, sorry).

Now, back to this gift. It is a beautiful laceworks from Auntie S. I adore Auntie S because she is twice my age, a bereaved mom like me except that her only son G, is older than me when he passed away and Auntie S knows how to live life to the fullest. She is what most would call ‘foxy’, sophisticated, poised, elegant and oh, so many traits that I admire. I often told Auntie S that I have another 40 years to learn to live life like her. She can sing Ave Maria solo and rocks the whole cathedral. She dressed to the nines. Meaning, with matching shoes, jewelleries and handbag. And Auntie S will not hesitate to ‘scold’ just anyone. Oooh… I love to be able to do that. Once, Auntie S saved my ass. I was up on the lectern (like a podium) in this crowd of 300-400 people who were all ears to listen. The mike died on me, the person who is supposed to be on duty did not turn up, last minute I had to take her place and I dunno how to pronounce so many of the words in the Old Testament of the Bible. If I have a smaller heart, I would died of embarassement right there in church. But hey, alleluaia, no one can hear me mispronounced! Until Auntie S ‘jeling’ (stare) hard at the technical guy to adjust the mike for me, right there and then. And alleluaia again, by the time the mike is working, it is my turn to read (which I had practised for a week). Thanks to Auntie S for saving my skin. And thanks to Auntie S for always giving me the courage to stand firm and ‘jeling’ others when necessary.

Auntie S will continue to be my inspiration because I would love to look like her when I am 80 yrs old (but I doubt I can live that long). I would love to have the faith she has. Losing her only child at her age is not easy to cope for many others. But Auntie S did not allow grief to rob her off her joy of living. She is always surrounded by loving individuals. She has wonderful advices to offer on just about anything. Like the saying ‘old ginger taste hottest’. So, I will make ginger my middle name next time. Prolly name my own domain (don’t anyone dare to book this domain until I have enough money to buy it myself or can someone donate it to me as a Christmas gift?)

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