Moments when I wish I have a daughter or three

First, let me explain what the above is. It is a ball made of rubberbands. Kids watched Ripley and got nothing better to do, so they are aping them lor. There are so many websites dedicated to making rubberballs like this. The result – kids bugging me to buy rubberbands by the load from kedai borong/warehouse. And they insisted I blog this. *sigh* Boooooring….

Now, as mom of so many boys, I do have my moments when I wish I have a girl or two or three. Like yesterday… I was rushing to join my church to go carolling. Dress code – red blouse/black pants. If you have been married for 16 yrs, you will know that husbands may have turned blind, deaf and mute by now (tahan lasak jugak tapi wear and tear sikit-sikit). So, I took one favourite peach coloured blouse and asked my kids. I was hoping they would say red so I can wear it without becoming the only peach in a sea of chillies.
Me (panting ‘cos just finished cooking, IM-ing, blogging, forum-ing, mopping ….) : Is this red or not ha?

#1 son :pink
#2 son : guava (a fruit which has pink inner flesh/seeds)
#3 son : gua mm chai (i dunno)
#5 son : all excited anticipating a trip to ‘kai-kai’

Me : *haih* Not red meh? (take a really red blouse) What about this?
#1 son : *give me the ‘look woman, I don’t have all the time in the world for this game’ glare * deep red
#2 son : no more answer ‘cos eyes fixed on PS2
#3 son : disappeared
#5 son : even more excited anticipating a trip to ‘kai-kai’

So, there I was, feeling so lonely with no one to have girlish talks with. No one to share make-up with. No one to update me on the latest fashion. Or gossip about our neighbours (like – do you think they are father and daughter pair or sugar daddy eh?). Or keep me forever young. You know? Those aunties who wear Ah Lians fashion, forgetting their age, acting ‘fatt-hou’ (naik miang) like that? Or allow me the chance to re-live childhood memories like playing masak-masak and Barbie dolls like Mumsgather. Painting 10 nails with 10 different colours. Having mother/daughter tattoos. Dyeing matching hair colour. Or sharing tampons and pads.

*more sighs* Motherhood can be very lonely if you live in a house with so many batangs (male). No one cares if you suddenly spot an extra pigmentation spot, wrinkle, white hair etc and screamed like the world is ending. No one cares if your legs hairs have grown too long and the ants can’t find their way out. No one understands your PMS. It is absolutely, definitely very, very lonesome. When you are watching TV and ogling some HYTs (handsome young thing – name copyrighted by Twinsmom), no one understands why you ogle.

At least I still have one toddler now who has not adopted the ‘He-man’ attitude yet. Not until when he reach 3 years old. So, I can still have girlish talks with him now. Only problem is he only responded with single word which is either ‘no’ or ‘mai’ (no in Hokkien).

So, there you have it. I am craving for daughter. Nope, I am not trying to get pregnant ‘cos I can’t anymore ‘cos my ob-gynae said so. I will live the rest of my life as a tomboy. That’s it! My next topic – my life as a tomboy. And another topic – Men REALLY prefer sons.

As an afterthought (Christmas mood mah) – here’s me in red blouse, in Golden Sands Hotel (but then, all in the photo are in red blouses too)

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