Outside looking in on Christmas Day

*Warning : This is one rare whiney post from me. So, don’t read if you don’t want me to spoil your festive mood.*

Christmas is a time for family and friends. But…shy to say I have no family to share with. Reason being? None of my siblings nor my out-laws, err…. in-laws, I mean, including my ATM machine are Christians. To tell the truth, they are extremely ‘afraid’ of me. Not that I preach or impose any of my beliefs on them. Just that some of them own and open joss-stick factories and prayers paraphernalia shops and therefore, are highly ‘allergic’ to me. What if everyone follows my footsteps? Horrors, they have to close shop liao. So, I would rather not involve them in any open house invitation or I will end up like the man in the Bible who held a party at home and no one turns up. (and I have to go out on the streets and pick up beggars and the homeless)

So, after viewing other people celebrations of Christmas, I feel empty and depressed. Damn! Now I know why I had been feeling weird these few days. I was like an outsider looking in. Of wanting to be part of the gang but no one wants to gang with me. Friends? I am anti-social (because I am a recluse) and only go to the church once a week when I have the rare opportunities and in these two years (since I converted to Christianity), I haven’t make anyone buddy enough to give me free dinner and lunch. My kids godparents just went their separate ways so no invitation from them too.

But….*lilian doing her usual shakes to unleach the blues away*…. heck, I thank God I am now celebrating! In my own way. The joy I found in my heart, the humbleness that I did not know I possess, the loving (most times) part and so many other discoveries that come with being a Christian.

Some photos I took last night. Wish I can show you all a photo me in my choir robe. But I look like I am carrying triplets so that photo had been censored. It is a huge, flowing, grey robe like those gradution robes, minus the square hats with dangling thing.

Decided at the last minute to go carolling in Golden Sands and Penang Mutiara Hotels last night. Entertaining mat salleh tourists and rich locals. (these two hotels are the most expensive ones)

A sea of red blouses. Can you spot me?

Santa swarmed by girls.