Hobbies or fanciful pastimes?

*sigh* If school doesn’t open real soon, I am going cuckoo. I don’t like the idea of my kids rotting in front of the TV, PS2 and computers (we have 2 at home) all day long. So, in order to keep them occupied, I thought getting them to rear sea-monkeys is fun. Well…. that did not work out very well. After spending RM89.90 (big tank) + RM34.90 (basic tank) + RM11.90 (eggs) + RM11.90 (sea medic), they have lost interest with sea-monkeys after one month. (Please don’t tell me how much I have invested in total.) I guess only drliew is successful in getting his sea-monkeys to mate, got pregnant and give birth to baby sea-monkeys. *more sighs* Must his medical background that helps.

Photo of the still struggling to live sea-monkeys tank and bended glass fish tank.

We stumbled on this huge aquarium in Burmah Road and after fondling all the puppies, kitties, rabbits, hamsters, snakes, iguanas etc etc, they wanted an aquarium. So, we bought a tiny one with accessories costing about RM150. And now…. they had been pestering us to go to the aquarium almost every day to get more and more fishes and accessories.

*even more sighs* And it doesn’t stop there. Now, I am itching to go to my other house and bring a bigger fish tank to rear goldfishes. Goldfish is my favourite because they are so graceful with their long tails, fins and rounded belly. And deep in my thoughts is the adventure of rearing marine fishes like Nemo. I suppose my poor ATM has to work even harder to feed our flash-in-the-pan pastimes.

Meantime, I am happy because my kids are staring at the fish tank filled with guppies and some other cheapo fishes than the TV/computer/PS2. And don’t kacau (disturb/farn) me too much too ‘cos I am giving my time to the fishes than my online friends. It is less stressful to watch the fish eat and shit and swim. There is something therapeutic in watching the string of fish shit trailing behind the fish when they swim. At least I don’t have to jump in and clean up the fishes’ shits. You know what I mean?