Now, the no-joke update

I do feel a bit ashamed of myself for making a joke out of the tremors in my previous blog. But I really have no idea about any tidal waves nor aftershocks when I blogged that.

After blogging the previous one at about 5.30pm, this kpc (busybodies) family decided to go for a drive to be in the thick of the action. Can’t help being kpc because we want our kids to have something memorable to tell their future generations mah.

Our first destination was Gurney Drive aka Muddy Drive. We snapped some photos but can’t get good shots because our car was moving in the traffic and cars behind were honking at us for slowing down with a camera jutting out from the window.

The stretch where Gurney Plaza is, is full of muddy waters.

We even found dead fishes on the road. Hope you can see the below muddy fish.

And spotted a Toyota Estima and Naza Ria stuck in the mud.

There are several other interesting photos like a group of blue hairs Ah Bengs washing their bikes outside Gurney Plaza, MPPP cleaning roads etc.

After G.D., we went for dinner at Fettes Park and heard all the kopitiam talks about the tidal wave. By then, I feel a solemn air hanging around my over-sensitive mind. *sniff, sniff* Think how horrifying if your kids and loved ones are happily enjoying a day at the beach and wham! that’s the end of your world.

But kpc hubby got kpc kids to urge him on to go further to Tanjong Tokong/Batu Ferringhi to witness more chiqik scenes. Bad traffic did not deter their enthusiasm. I am nagging them to have a heart for the unfortunate, don’t gawk at people’s tragedies, thank God we are living in Malaysia with the least disasters, think of the families whom had lost loved ones etc etc etc.

As dusk turned to night and the full moon appearing, my feelings turned even sombre. The sea looks eeriely calm and with the moon shining down like that, it would have been a romantic night. But no, so many homes along Tanjung Bungah/Tanjung Tokong are without electricity. People have shifted out their furniture to the roadside. The mosque has a lot of people hanging around. I believe they are gathering to hear the latest updates, praying for the safety of those missings and praying for the deceased.

There’s a designated area outside Miami Beach which I think is the rescue and search unit comprising 991, Bomba, St. John Ambulance, Rela, FRU and others.

After this, we drove past the Penang Ferry/Weld Quay area but I think that place is safe from the wave. Thank God. What if one full-load ferry sunk in the wave? Shudders.

To all my friends who sms, phone and IM, thank you for your concerns. My family usually spend our weekends at beaches in Sungai Batu and the Sandy Bay Paradise beach but today being a Sunday (hubby’s badminton hour), we are at home.

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