A rare preachy blog from me

*Don’t worry… I am not going to tell you that the signs of the world ending is near, I won’t kill you with boring preachy things to repent or sembahyanglah sebelum anda disembangkan, that kinda thing.*

I dragged myself out of bed at 6.30am this morning to celebrate mass because I am a curious cat and extra kpc (to know what day it is). Actually because I needed to get something urgently from the church office and that’s the only time I get to go out of my house (before my ATM go to earn more money) without having to command the whole army of kids to follow me.

Today is The Holy Innocents, Martyrs day (errrm… actually I am not sure how to refer to it, whether it is an anniversary or whatever la). Who are the Holy Innocents? Well, they are the kids born in Bethelem around the same time as Jesus, the Infant. So this insecure, bad guy, Herod decided to kill all the infants within the same area, aged 2 yrs and below in the hope that he can kill Jesus as well. Well, we have seen this kinda massacre in movies all the time so I no need to elaborate, ok? Also remember what happened to baby Moses who was left in the wicker basket? All I need to learn about Christianity are learnt from Hollywood movies. Plus the colourful, fully illustrated children’s Bible.

It is 7am in the morning for goodness sake and our priest probably just got out of bed a few minutes before that. But… he said something that caught my attention eventhough I haven’t had my morning coffee. He said that even in today’s modern world, many babies and infants are still being sacrificied. Oh wow! this is scandalous, you may say. But sadly it is true. We often terminate a life because this life, given by our Creator, does not fit into our lifestyle, schedule, social acceptance, financial situation etc etc. I know a few women who did just that without feeling any remorse. Too many daughters already? Another one on the way? Just find a willing doctor (and we still DO have doctors like that). We even abused and killed some babies/children because the pressures felt by the parents/caregivers were too great.

The homily I heard this morning and the one I heard last Sunday bugged my head a lot so I had to jot it down. Our priest also emphasised that in our modern world, we often lose sight of the person and focus on the task instead. What he meant was – we forgot to see the beauty of the person (whether our kids/spouses) and appreciate them for what they are but instead, set tasks for them to achieve like getting better results in school, be the class monitor, head prefect or climbing higher in the corporate world, stop smoking, lose that beer belly, go for hair implants, make the house tidier, cook better meals etc.

This is my favourite reminder “Parents, do not be too demanding of your children, lest they become discouraged.” (Christian Community Bible, Col. 3:21)

I found this statistics (though I can’t verify if it is true) from the New Advent website.

In the past 16 months. . .
Capital Punishment killed 98 Americans .
War in Iraq killed 100,000 people
Abortionists murdered 1,750,656 American infants

And who says, I never preach?