Baby Ryan’s wish is fulfilled

This is the follow-up of my earlier blog about baby Ryan . To all the bloggers, well-wishers, generous contributors, forummers of MyMomsBest, members of Msianursingmom and forummers of Dr. and everyone, baby Ryan and his mom, KS would like to say a big THANK YOU.

The arrangements to deliver the goodies bags to the children in UMMC will done by Ryan’s mom with the help from Maria and a few other friends of KS. This will be carried out on 2nd January 2004. Some of the updates can be found from DoubleHappiness aka Maria’s blog.

KS has asked me to show everyone the amount she had received to purchase the goodies bags for the children. So far, she received about RM1,900 and will be spending only part of the monies. We will update on what to do with the balance monies later on.

Below are the scanned pages of KS’s Public Bank savings account book updated up to 22 December 2004. If you notice any discrepancies (like you banked-in an amount but it wasn’t shown in the book, please email to me?):

page 1

page 2

To all fellow bloggers, please also accept my sincere gratitude to each of you for passing the words around.

CUT-OFF DATE : Please do not remit anymore money after 30th December, 2004. KS will ensure that every sen is spent on the children in the paediatric wards.

Mack of
is arranging with the proper authorities to set up a fund for the victims of the tidal wave that hit our country. Please hop over to Mack’s blog to catch the latest updates on where, who and how to contribute to help these victims.

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