We can’t take another rumour, please

Few days ago, I was irked by the money-minded Maxis which played on our raw emotions by offering Tsunami alert sms for RM30 per month. Oh yeah, pay RM30 and you will not die so easily.

I am sure each of us want the tsunami be the one and only, the first and the last. But I got a jolt again this evening around 9pm. I was at this aquarium, fish shopping when this guy took a call on his handphone. After the call, he mumbled that the tsunami just hit Langkawi. That caught our attention and he said his friend just phone and he has to rush back to the beach hotel in Penang where he opened a sea sport stall. We chatted for a while as he was in a hurry to run. He related to us about the event the other day, the loss of his boat and how hard it is to claim for any financial help eventhough Pak Lah mentioned about handing out financial help to the victims. (Nope, he did not ask us for money. He looked genuinely worried.)

The thought of another tsunami left me cold. It was drizzling and somehow, there is an eerie air and atmosphere hanging around me. I happened to get an sms from a friend at that moment enquiring about pharmaceutical supplies and I immediately sms back if she heard of any tsunami. Glad that she replied that her friend in Langkawi said it is a hoax.

That few moments between hearing the so called new tsunami until I get the clarification made me really, really worried, sad and sick to the stomach. I pray hard that we will never get any natural disaster of this magnitude. None of us can take anymore rumours and false alarms, so I hope those morons who started this hoax warning will get their asses burnt.

When I got home, the first site I log on to is Screenshot and SEA-EAT, looking for the latest update.