A minute of silence when the clock strikes 12

Another year gone by….and what are my resolutions?
Well, as an individual, I have no plans or needs.
I am also someone who pooh-pooh at those who make resolutions and break them.
I live by Jesus’s word of – Do not worry.
Can any of you add a day to your life by worrying about it?” (Matthew 6:27)

But, the tremors we experienced and the tragedy of the tsunami have shaken me a little. I am not worried if the earth gulped me but I cannot bear the thought of anything happening to my precious kids and reliable ATM aka hubby (hey, what kind of description is that?). I have these flashing thoughts of the ‘what if’.

What if:

  • the tremors happened when my kids were at school?

Whom do I run to first? My primary school kid or my secondary school kids? Thank God, I live next door to the primary school and hence, save me one worry. I remember my mom told me how my dad had to walk for miles and miles from Bayan Lepas to Methodist Boys School to fetch my brother who was in school when our country declared an emergency during the May 13 incident in 1969. I cannot bear such thoughts if things like this happened to my kids. I also remember how worried my sister was when her children were trapped in school during one of Penang worst flood in the early 80s. My protective, maternal instinct has gone into overdrive. Not healthy…..

  • the tidal waves swept the coastline in Esplanade

where my sons’ St. Xavier’s Institution’s field is. The thought of it is enough to make me want to get a doctor’s letter to exempt them from attending Pendidikan Jasmani (physical education) and force them to sit in class. (field is across the road by the sea) I am getting ulcers..

  • something goes wrong with the Penang Bridge?

My hubby travels on the bridge and therefore, I do get nervous when the big guy in charge of the road system, quoted that visual inspection has revealed that the bridge is safe. Oh wow, visual inspection? What visual inspection? How to trust someone who never do a visual inspection on that clump of black tar sitting on his own head!

I will welcome 2005 with a lot of prayers to God to constantly keep my children safe. As for the rest of the world, I will ask the Big Boss upstairs to keep them safe, worry free, healthy, happy and kind.

Have a Happy New year to all and let us pause for a minute of silence when the clock strikes twelve tonight. Let us do this as a mark of respect to the hundred of thousands whom had perished. But most of all, let us ask our Almighty to give the survivors strength to carry on living. Cheers to all! Be happy and be nice!