New Year, new toy, new hobby

Woohoo…new year got new toy and therefore, new hobby.

I spent the new year’s day sticking my head into bushes, sprawled under huge trees, turning 4-legged up looking at the cascading, canopy of the rainforest trees, appreciating water (not dew) drops on leaves, flowers and spying for dragonflies, butterflies and even black ants. Cool man, I am now walking around not with my usual pair of eyes but that of a photographer-wannabe! I will stick my face 1 centimetre away from flower petals, fern shoots and even flies. Learning the term macro, telephoto, 12x optical zoom, wide angle, tripod (previously the only tripod I know is to kaki bodek my ex- boss), aperture, shutter lag, speed and all those things that I am usually not interested in.

Can you see the drop of water in the middle of this rose? Can? Can? Beautiful ah?

Wah…. I spent a cool RM2K+ and feel top of the world. I even dare to go near an uncle who looks very professional, with tripod and huge, intimidating camera and took photos, side by side with uncle. Never mind that uncle must be sniggering or misunderstand at this ah soh (auntie) is trying to make a pass at him. See uncle in the garden, amongst the trees?

Now, I can go ‘eh leh…digital camera for sissies’. Pro like me use big, big camera with long, long lenses la. With my new Minolta Z3, I hope to capture photos of old, old trees and heritage buildings of Penang. Made my ATM foaming in the mouth because I am running after insects and monkeys instead of his sons. I had signed up another blog which I plan to call Faces of Penang and place all the unique shots of Penang. Doesn’t matter that I never really learn the fine art of photography. I snap Penang food and makes others drool can oredi. But I have one hurdle to cross. I am still not confident enough to act professional in public places because I still have to call my 12 yrs old son and ask ‘aiyah, which button I press ha? ei, why cannot zoom wan? chey…I forgot to open the lense cover hor’. Oh ya, my camera is an idiot proof one. It comes with anti-shake. (I almost bought the Nikon Coolpix but luckily the China-apek taukeh told us the risk of getting wobbly photo. True enough, while we were at the shop, one guy who just purchased N.C. came in and said his photos are all blur. kikhkikhkikh)