Dreaded back to jail aka school

Dreaded back to jail aka school
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New uniforms all in a row
Bags weighing a few kilos
Kids are grumbling
5xmom anticipating
Getting rid of them for half a day
Blissful time when they are away

Whoopee, all the bags are packed and they are ready to go back to school. Note : I have weighed their school bags and duh, where got too heavy?
Std 3 kid – 1+kg ONLY
Form 1 kid – 2kg
Form 3 kid – Don’t bother with books, let teacher scold baru ada cool.
(note from experienced 5xmom : don’t let your kid bring all the school books, just the minimum exercise books and basics BM, English, Maths and Science books will do. Arm them with defensive behaviour. If teacher pull ear, let her pull lor. If teacher scold, buat dunno lor. If teacher hentam, call mommy and she will scream murder.)

Bed time for kids? 11pm – 6.30am
Bed time for 5xmom – regular 3am-11am ‘cos 5xdad kau tim semua. (more tips : pick husband must find someone who is a light sleeper)

Caution to parents : see that your child does not carry any dangling strap water bottle. Check that the school bag has no extra long straps. These are highly dangerous. Risk of strangulation if trap in bas sekolah door or pulled by school friends.

Don’t give your kid a huge bottle of water and ask him to drink like a camel. Poor kid will have to run to dirty, stinky, pukey school toilet too often. Don’t feed your kid a huge breakfast too early in the morning or risking the kid to shart (shart = shit while farting). Poor kid is going to suffer the embarassement for the rest of his life! Believe me, this happens all the time in Primary One.

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