Faces at school today

It must be 38deg celcius out there. Normally, I will be curled up in the comfort of home, waiting for my kids to walk back from their school. Which is just next door, within shouting distance. But not today. I arm myself with a camera and drag my very eager to ‘kai-kai, walk-walk’ toddler out into the hot sun. All because I wanna blog and bitch. I had been wanting to bitch about how indiscipline parents are on the road outside the school. Each year, I have to endure them blaring their horns and stuck themselves in an hour jam because they do not have the discipline to park their cars properly. They think their grandpa own the school and road and their kid is the only kid deserving to get on the car the moment they step out of their school gates. Stupid idiots! Year in, year out, same scenario every school year.

*evil laugh* My neighbours thought I am assigned by some newspaper companies or what to cover the school. One kpc, nosy, I cannot-stand-ex-neighbour, even boasted to me ‘you know, I had talked to the CM about this problem. ‘ I replied “ya, ya, should make this road a one-way street”. My devilish mind thinking ‘Puadah, you think I care? Who you wanna bluff? You housewife like dat, talk to the bespectacled nerdy fler? So what? I no need to talk to CM, I talk to God lagi shiok. All of you can go jam yourself to death for all I care. None of my blardy business ‘cos I am going to stay put in this apartment until all my sons’ left primary school.”

So, enjoy the below photos which I had sacrificed a few pigmentation spots, several drops of sweat to take:
Parents crowding outside Standard One. Usual-lar, until the headmaster chase them away, a week later.

The rush to squeeze out of the school gates, selfish parents squashing and trampling poor, small, unaccompanied kids so that they can get their own precious kids home faster.

I actually step on the white lines in the middle of the road to take this photo. (risking my life for the sake of the blog)

Meanwhile, my two kids are having a ‘I miss you koko/titi (big bro/baby bro) moment by the roadside because crazy mom is in the middle of the road taking photos.

These enterprising ah-pek and ah-poh are making money out of little, rich kids, selling junk foods. Thank goodness for them, life in school is not so bad after all.

The reward for my kids’ patience – ice lollies. When I was small, this didn’t exist. Only got home-made aiskrim Malaysia.

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