Who is that bearded guy?

This is a Kisah Benar (true story)
Location: Paediatrician’s clinic in Penang

Doctor : I give your child paracetamol for the fever, blah, blah, yadda, yadda..
Patient : wa eh kia eh sai chang ek boh (my kid can bath?) yadda, yadda, blah, blah
Doctor : *making gesture to indicate patient to get lost so that next patient can come in, meaning more money rolling in*
Patient stood up about to leave. Something caught her eyes.
Patient : wah… sui lor, choo bee (wow, nice, so cute)
Doctor : *nodding, smiling* from USA wan
Patient : *heard from US the A, lagi impressed* chooi chui lai? (who is it?)
Doctor : take deep breath, give another sparkling smile, and more ‘sayonara’ body languages like opening the next patient folder, open drawer, hook and unhook stetescope, pick nose (haha, i made this up). ‘Cos a long line of sick children waiting outside, not in the mood to kong yeh sow (preaching).

Few days later..
Doc C : (must emphasise the Doc’s surname or else blogger mistaken) Lilian, you know the photo you gave me?
5xmom : Ya, ya, what’s wrong with it?
Doc C : I got patients asking me who is the woo sou (bearded) guy in the drawing wor.
5xmom : Tell them you lor, when you were a hippie with long hair, singing Jesus Christ, superstar…. Before you take up medical course and ended up with thick, thick spectacles that time. Since then, you already like babies a lot so you become babies’ doctor lor.

Fact : The above drawing is copyrighted by it’s very talented artist, Jean Keaton.
So, don’t dare to use it online unless you want to risk getting sued. I got this prints (2 pieces in 8R) couriered all the way from USA by the artist sister’s Mauree because of my innocent, sweet tongue. I told Jean how much I love her drawings as it gives me comfort. I gave one of the print to Vincent’s doc on their birthday as they both shared the same birthday.

I wonder how many people still do not know who the woo sou (bearded) guy is when they see an image like that. I think Jesus is the coolest guy. He got long hair, beard, blue eyes, blonde hair (ok, probably this is my own imagination, ok?), wearing rope sandals, flowing robes. He can get angry and destroy a whole temple by turning tables, trample furnitures to break them. He speaks in parables which only smart people can hear. He mixed around with the wrong companies and say ‘only the sick need doctor’. Cool marn. He lepak with notorious, mafia like guys, see the best side of everyone, including prostitutes and lepers. Very cool. And he said ‘You did not choose me, I choose you.’ Now, that’s make me feel so special, errr…if I ever get chosen.

Someone even gave me a new perspective to Jesus. He said Jesus is God’s stuntman. Now, that answers many of my questions.

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