The bloggers socialising circuit

One week after started blogging :
IM to Twinsmom – ei, teach me how to put link la
Twinsmoms found out later and wah… two of us so happy to link to each other. Eventhough no one visited our blog, we felt good.
Two weeks after blogging:
Then, along came mumsgather and sexymama. Very proud, you know, got 3 people on our blog links.

But through an accident, someone told me, ei Lilian, I saw your name in Dr. Liew’s blog link lar. Chey…I did not even check properly I terus email to that Mysterious Man of Malaysia (name copyrighted by The Doc) to thank him. I had been a stalker for sometime. Mana tau, after pressing the submit button, I only reliase that I am not the ONE AND THE ONLY Lilian in the world. Ele…so malu, have to write to the MMM again to apologise for being so thick skin.

Such is the naive, dumb and idiotic things I had gone through in the early blogging days. Then, there are also moments when we (Twinsmom and I) aren’t sure if we can just put the link of someone’s blog we like on our blog. So, two of us will ask ‘How ah? Can ah? Must ask or not?’ Just like school kids worrying about the trip to the headmaster’s office. So, two of us will pakat and do it together. Like going to the toilet, must accompanied by friends.

3 months after blogging
IM to doc : Doc, how ah? Do I put the link of everyone on my blog?
Doc : Do that and your list is going to be so long, like from Penang to JB like dat.

But…still I would add. Because I wake up in the morning, make myself a cup of Nescafe Gold with susu cap junjung and spend some time catching up on blogs. So it is easier to put the links on my blog and all I need is just to click-click.

If you may have notice, I have a very rojak list, not arrange in any order. Firstly, because I dunno how to arrange them in alphabetical order. Secondly, I do things the hard way. I copy/paste all the html, change the URL, add a name. Bit by bit. It takes me a lot of time but I am a weirdo who likes to stare at html codes to find the missing tag. And I am so careful, checking and checking that the links are working. I wish to add more links but my eyes are getting blurry from all the staring.

One of the thing about the blogs I link is – there is no particular group that I stick to. I have 16 yrs old bloggers like Penny and Witty Squirrel to 60 years old Pok Ku. Topics range from food, parenting, bitching, sexual observations, college life, young adults etc etc. I found reading teenagers’ blog educating to me as a mom of teenagers. And reading senior bloggers entries, informative.

Another thing that I found intimidating in the blogging world is visiting the more senior and established bloggers’ sites. Sometimes, I just jumped out of the seat, agreeing to every word they wrote. I go – ya, ya, ya, that’s right. That is what I think too. But new kid on the block like me dare not press the submit button even after typing in some well-worded comments, double checked in dictionary and triple checked the grammar. I don’t know if other junior bloggers like me have this ‘I want to say something but I dare not open my mouth’ kinda thing?

Is this linking of blogs sort of like socialising? You know? Put a few established blogs link and wah… feel kembang. Like dropping names like that. But…I don’t see it that way. In fact, most of the bloggers did not even know I have put their link over here.